Importance of Highlight Videos

College coaches watch hours of highlight and skills videos from recruits. And that’s why you need to make yours count. A highlight video is an important part of your online resume.

NCSA explains the importance of a highlight video in the recruiting process.


How to Create an Outstanding Highlight Video

  • Keep it relatively short. A five-minute recruiting video is probably long enough to convey your skills.
  • Start with a bang. Put your best highlights first. Coaches may not have time to watch the entire highlight video, so make sure they see you at your best. First impressions are important.
  • Post your video with your online resume. Don’t send coaches unsolicited DVDs or expect to be seen on YouTube. When a highlight video is posted on a trusted recruiting site like NCSA, that video will be seen by college coaches.
  • Know what coaches are looking for. Different sports require different approaches. For example, baseball and softball coaches aren’t looking for game footage, but rely heavily on clips that show your specific skills. Highlight videos for sports like basketball, hockey and football are the opposite and should have plenty of in-game footage. (Note: Video guidelines are listed for each sport on the NCSA website.)
  • Show a wide range of skills. Use clips that show you’re a well-rounded athlete. For example, if you’re a basketball recruit don’t just have highlights of you burying jump shots. Also include clips of you dribbling in transition, playing tough defense, or establishing good rebounding position.
  • Video quality is important. Try to make sure your highlights are clear and that you are easy to see.
  • Simplicity can go a long way. Start the video with a short intro with your name, school and contact information, but don’t get too fancy. There’s no need for background music or nifty graphics.


How to Collect Clips and Video

Before the season starts, ask your coach if he/she takes video. Also, ask the parents of teammates for any video that they’ve shot. Collect video clips from both throughout the season and edit out everything except for your best highlights.

If you plan on having a family member or friend shoot video make sure they get quality clips. Choose angles that ensure a clear view of the court of playing field. And make sure that your videographer isn’t too far away from the action to tell who you are.


NCSA explains what to ask your coach about game footage.



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